Invisible Bike Helmet Protects the Head and Fashion Sense

The video does a great job explaining the progress that the two cofounders went through to come up with this device. First off, they identified the problem: not only are bike helmets too bulky all the time; this bulkiness tends to detract bikers from wearing them, leading to a higher risk of head trauma injuries. On top of that, it is really interesting how they integrated elements of design/arts into the final design: they incorporated a basic collar design, making it look like a scarf, and simply allowing the bike helmet apparatus pop out while the biker is falling.

Of course, creating a completely new and simple design is no easy or quick task. In the video, they stated that it took them 7 years just to gather the research for the design. On top of that, they had to go out to venture capitalists to give the initial investments for them to develop the product further.

As much as it is amazing to run and find your own health-related device company, what a lot of people do not consider are the overarching aspects of it: you would need to look into regulatory aspects (making sure the device fits under FDA/EU standards), marketing (who’s going to market the device out to your specified users), manufacturing (even if you have the CAD drawings for the design, you need to make sure it can be manufactured with the given equipment), packaging (does the device to need to be sterile?, etc.), even overall logistics of running the company (who you are hiring, how to make sure you get high quality work, etc.). It is definitely not for everybody, but can have high returns and awards when done well.



So I just want to make a quick post to remind all of you studying engineering that this is a challenging field. There might be times where you doubt yourself but hang in there. There is also a very rewarding future ahead of you.


Topographische Anatomie des Menschen
‘Volume One: Head & Neck’
Eduard Pernkopf [ed.]

(Atlas of Topographical and Applied Human Anatomy)
// ”the Pernkopf atlas” //

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From Vice’s mini documentary on the Suicide Forest in Japan x

I just felt this was too important not to reblog.

This is a really, really good documentary. I watched the whole thing and it’s just like, wow. @A@

This was very poignant.

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Happy 43rd Birthday Selena Quintanilla-Perez {April 16, 1971}